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Please enjoy our podcast following the trials & tribulations of five amateur writers trying to achieve their dreams. Or something.

Our weekly Sunday episodes involve checking in on everyone’s projects, and discussing a main topic. We aim to be insightful and informal. We also do a weekly blog post every Friday on topics ranging from technical writing, to creativity, to productivity tricks, to something cool or inspiring that happened to us. Sometimes we put out special bonus episodes on Tuesdays. Those are top secret!

If you’d like to guest on the show, or if you have a comment or question for us, please use our friendly contact form or email us at thefirstruleofwriteclub@gmail.com.

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About the podcast

The First Rule of Write Club is a podcast documenting our writing group. The goal is to provide an unfiltered look into the lives of five amateur writers, as well as to serve as a tool to keep us all encouraged and focused. We’re planning some cool interviews, as well as special episode formats like question-and-answers with our listeners, and book reviews.

Our hosts are Oscar, Regina, Katherine, Jessie, and Dusa. Tastes range from fanfiction, to literary, to sci-fi and fantasy, to screenwriting and poetry. Regina and Katherine are full-time writers, which comes with its own set of challenges, while Jessie, Dusa, and Oscar have to balance their writing with day jobs. Regina lives in Washington, D.C., Katherine lives in California, and everyone else lives in southern Vermont. We think there’s something here for everyone.

You can follow Write Club on Twitter @WriteClubRule1, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FirstRule/, or check out our Tumblr at thefirstruleofwriteclub.tumblr.com. The podcast airs weekly on Sundays, but keep your eyes peeled for bonus Tuesday episodes and our Friday blog posts. Our intro and outro music is by Benny Heller. He’s on Twitter @littlegustv. See you next Sunday!